Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back to the Basics- Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement

     First things first. What is faith?? Faith is a hope or a belief in that which you can't see. For example, I have never seen Jesus Christ, but I firmly believe he was a real person that lived and died for me and you and everyone. It was important that he died for us because without his sacrifice we couldn't be forgiven of our sins and make it back to our Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ's suffering and death for us is called the Atonement.
     Now it's time to learn how you can build your faith. A prophet in The Book of Mormon compared faith to a seed. Think about what you would have to do in order to make a seed grow:

1. Plant the seed. -----> It must have a place to grow.
2. Give it water and plant food. -----> It must be fed.
3. Place it in the sun. -----> It has to be in a place where it can receive light.
4. Continue to care for it. -----> Without more water, food and light it will die.

Those are things you must do in order for a seed to grow. So what about faith?

1. Plant the seed. -----> You have to make a place in your heart for faith to grow.
2. Give it water and plant food. ----> Just as a plant needs food to grow, faith requires spiritual food (The Bible and Book of Mormon, prayer, etc.).
3. Place it in the sun. -----> You need to be in a place where you can receive 'spiritual light' or learn more about Jesus Christ. After all, you must learn about him before you can have faith in him.
4. Continue to care for it. -----> You must continue to 'feed' your faith in order for it to live.

      As you learn more about Jesus Christ you will see your belief in him grow. Just like a seed it will require time, work and patience on your part, but in time you will find your small 'seed of faith' can grow from a small acorn into a giant oak tree! I know that to be true. If you already have faith in Christ, strengthen it. If not, begin today by learning more about him. I know as you do this your faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement will grow. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us. I know he died for us so we can be forgiven. Now it's up to you to learn the same thing for yourself.

     If you have any particular questions you can message me on Facebook or click on any or all of the following links to learn more.
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